Parliament calls on Spanish government to investigate and take responsibility for Pegasus spying


The statement went ahead with the votes of ERC, Junts, the CUP and the municipalities. The PSC units did not support it because the amendments it tabled were not accepted.

The Council of Presidents of Parliament agreed on a statement condemning alleged political espionage by Catalan pro-independence leaders and calling on the Spanish government to investigate the matter.

The statement is supported by the political groups of ERC, Junts, the CUP and municipalities The PSC units He has not supported the statement, arguing that the amendments they tabled have not been allowed, according to socialist sources. They demanded, among other things, the removal of references to the “general cause against the independence movement”, persecution and political dissent, and demanded an investigation into the state rather than the central government.

In particular, the statement asks the government of Pedro Sánchez “to to investigate with the greatest possible speed and transparency in the relevant authorities, which give the explanation need and if take on the responsibilities at all relevant levels in light of this illegal practice of espionage against political dissidents”.

Through the text, Parliament has committed to “protect and preserve the rights of persons being spied on, including members of the House, including through to appear in cases opened in response to victims’ complaints, among other actions to be taken”.

In addition, it demands that the state take urgent measures to “eradicate anti-democratic political espionage in order to ensure that no one can become a victim of espionage and persecution for defending a political project”, and reaffirms its commitment to the defense of the rights and freedoms.

The statement affirms that the “mass cyber espionage case” presupposes a flagrant violation of rights and expresses its solidarity with the people affected, including the Speaker of the House, Laura Borràs; the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, the former Presidents Quim Torra, Carles Puigdemont and Artur Mas, and other deputies of Parliament.

He has defended that the case — which he dismisses as a scandal that attacks democracy itself — should concern all democratic forces, framing the use of the Pegasus program in “the general case against independencestarted in 2017 to counter a peaceful, civil and democratic movement”.

Source: EITB


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