Politics and ORF-NÖ – poker for the new head of sports and the future of radio boss


Turbulent times in the ORF: A group of experts evaluates the allegations against Lower Austria’s state director Robert Ziegler for alleged courtesy reporting and interventions in favor of the ÖVP. The report will be available early next week.

According to “Krone” information from high-ranking ORF circles, Ziegler cannot be detained. ORF boss Roland Weißmann is unavailable for this reason.

There will be hearings on Thursday and Friday for the important position of ORF sports director – another political issue. Old radio boss Hannes Aigelsreiter would like to take over the sport. The editors disagree. He lacked experience and competence in sports. According to informants, Aigelsreiter has important advocates in the ÖVP – chancellor’s wife Kathi Nehammer and communications chief Gerald Fleischmann.

Another option for Aigelsreiter: When Ziegler is gone, he could take over the state studio of Lower Austria. Which he would be better suited for.

Source: Krone


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