Government is looking for a solution – price brakes on renting are within reach


According to the current legal situation, some 300,000 households are threatened with a substantial rent increase in April. Because most rents are linked to the consumer price index. And this shows an increase of 8.6 percent for the past year. SPÖ and FPÖ have long been in favor of ending the target value increases. Meanwhile, the governing parties ÖVP and the Greens are said to be interested in a law change regarding a lower rent increase.

“We are currently in a parliamentary vote,” said Nina Tomaselli, member of the National Council and Greens spokeswoman for housing and construction. After all, it is unfair if rents rise by 10 percent, but the costs for landlords have not risen that much. But there are also positive signals in the ÖVP that a solution can be sought together.

An entirely new index is conceivable
Therefore, different variants are currently being investigated. For example, a different index can be used to adjust the reference value, or the inflation allowance can be capped. “But eventually a new index could be developed,” added Tomaselli.

Purchasing power must be strengthened by price brakes
Peter Weidinger, member of the National Council and consumer protection spokesman for the ÖVP, also pointed out in the program “Im Zentrum” on Sunday evening that a solution is being worked on. One of the solutions could be indexing. According to Weidinger, it is also about strengthening purchasing power.

Tomaselli noted that it is currently being examined which solution has the most benefits and will therefore receive the appropriate approval in Parliament if voted on.

Source: Krone


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