Melgosa wants the “maximum consensus” for the Euskadi Historical Memory Law


The Basque government’s new minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policy believes that the application of said law would be a “unique opportunity” to recognize the victims of the civil war and Franco’s dictatorship.

Euskaraz irakurri: Melgosak “adostasun handiena” nahi du Euskadiko Memory Historikoaren Legerako

The Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policy of the Basque Government, Nerea Melgosaexpressed this Sunday his wish that the law of the historical and democratic memory of Euskadi awakens the “maximum consensus” among the political forces for approval in the Basque Parliament.

Melgosa made these considerations while attending the 10th anniversary commemoration of the Berango Iron Belt Memorial Museum (Bizkaia), first public act who stars since taking office on Tuesdayreplacing the previous owner, Beatriz Artolazabal.

In her speech, counsel referred to the Euskadi historical and democratic remembrance lawcurrently under discussion in the Basque Parliament, and considers it “a unique opportunity to recognize the victims of the civil war and Franco’s dictatorshipto value and elevate historical memory to the rank of law”.

He has appealed to “seize this opportunity” and get it “the highest agreement” to approve it because “I am convinced that all Democrats share these principles and values,” she argued.

Melgosa has defended that historical memory is “an investment in justice, ethical and democratic values, coexistence and future“.

The minister also reminded the women who suffered from the war, the repression and the consequences of the post-war period when, in addition to the death of relatives, they had to “face a difficult situation, without resources, responsible for children, and be the victim of humiliation”.

The act of commemoration consisted of the discovery of a sculpture by the director of the museum, Aitor Miñambres, who has read the names of the people who died in Berango as a result of bombing or on the war front. After that, a laurel wreath in which survivors of the bombing of Gernika took part.

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Source: EITB


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