GIS Inspectors & Co. – Those who now have to shiver for their job at ORF


In the quest for savings, Küniglberg focuses on sports, culture and personnel. Because the new levy for each household should not allow more money to flow into the treasury through discounts…

From 2024, after the end of the GIS, about 300,000 Austrians will still have to pay a mandatory fee to the state radio. The new regulation was made necessary by the judgment of the Supreme Court because of the streaming gap. The financing guarantee laid down therein ultimately left politicians with little room for maneuver – financing from the budget (adjusted annually for inflation) favored by the Greens would have flushed even more money into the media giant’s coffers.

Depending on the discount, the share of the total annual turnover of broadcasting of one billion euros (!) will ultimately remain about the same. More than two thirds or about 700 million will come from the then 3.6 million payers – regardless of whether and which recipient you have. Households with social (low income) and/or physical needs, such as the deaf, are exempt.

TV station, orchestra and video portal on the cross bar
In return, the ORF general has to make cuts. Roland Weißmann’s savings plan (325 million by 2026) caused a stir at the special financial committee on Monday.

    • ORF Sport+ is on the cross list. The fourth television station is “picked up” by ORF 1 to make the program more Austrian with fewer American series.

Next for the end:

    • the radio symphony orchestra (the artistic director is combative),
    • the video service Flimmit,
    • the classical music platform myfidelio,
    • the expensive GIS administrative apparatus (with 240 employees at risk of being laid off).

In addition, as the “Krone” announced Monday morning, there will be cuts in personnel and technology.

Expensive is also the keyword when it comes to salaries at Küniglberg. According to the latest report of the Court of Auditors, the average salary is more than 6,000 euros per month.

Source: Krone


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