Showdown is approaching – Doskozil: Come to the meeting, of course


In the conflict over a possible replacement of Pamela Rendi-Wagner (SPÖ), there is actually a personal exchange with the opponent within the party, Hans Peter Doskozil. After he dared not come out of cover for a long time, Rendi-Wagner threw down the gauntlet – and asked him to appear at party headquarters next week. Doskozil now accepted this invitation.

Fronts within the party have also hardened in recent days after numerous SPÖ greats spoke vehemently in favor of the incumbent party leader. They showed a lot of incomprehension for the numerous lashing out in recent months and called on the mayor of Burgenland to play with open cards.

Doskozil is still covered
Rendi-Wagner himself also invited Doskozi in writing to participate in the SPÖ party presidency next Wednesday – the Burgenlander had recently stayed away of his own accord. But now it has to come to a personal meeting. As a Doskozi spokesman confirmed to the “Krone” on Wednesday, the governor will, of course, participate in the meeting.

He had received the letter and would ‘like to go to Vienna for the Presidium meeting because it is important for the future of Social Democracy to take part in it’. Wagner: “It will become clear. And that is discussed internally.”

Courses must be set up
The presidium must set the course for an early party congress. After the Socialist Youth, the Upper Austrian SPÖ, which has more weight, also made a similar demand on Tuesday. If local party leader Michael Lindner has his way, the question of leadership should be clarified at a party conference after the Salzburg elections, which are due to take place on April 23.

The president of the Social Democratic Union (FSG) Rainer Wimmer needs clarity as soon as possible. He expects Doskozil to “turn himself in” to the presidency. The governor made a corresponding contribution to the current situation: “The time for hiding and tactics is over.” Wimmer would have no problem with an early party congress.

Rendi-Wagner ironically fights
Rendi-Wagner has so far spoken neither for nor against. The regular party congress would not take place until the 2024 election year. The Burgenland SPÖ also left this question open, but expressed a preference for a member survey on Tuesday. Rendi-Wagner has done this before and thus strengthened its position in 2020, albeit without any rival candidates. Wimmer rejects this, because otherwise the conflict would drag on for months.

Unlike the other state party leaders, Doskosil is not in the party presidency because he did not run for office at the last party conference. So he needs, as it were, a “personal invitation”, which Rendi-Wagner has now sent him in writing.

The leadership debate flared up again
After the SPÖ’s disappointing results in the elections in Lower Austria and Carinthia, Rendi-Wagner again came under more internal pressure. This time, however, she went on the offensive herself, clearly attacking Doskozil during a “ZiB2” performance, and had a Presidium set up to clear up the situation. The next regular meeting would not take place until April.

After the women and the Viennese party, the union was also behind them on Wednesday: “It’s a miracle that they haven’t given up for a long time,” Wimmer emphasized in view of the years of criticism of the chairman. At FSG there is a clear line to continue to support Rendi-Wagner.

The party leader also emphasized that she would certainly like to stand for re-election at a party congress. Whether Doskozil is ready to run for office has so far remained open. Statements by his predecessor Hans Niessl on Sunday, however, pointed in that direction. How such a duel could end is extremely difficult to estimate at the moment.

Source: Krone


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