Woman dejected – dead in front of the morgue: three suspicious men!


After finding a dead woman in front of a morgue in the Völkermarkt district of Carinthia, the police are targeting three suspects. Researchers confirmed this on Wednesday. The victim would have known the three alleged perpetrators – some of them from their families.

The 62-year-old was found dead in Edling in February. An autopsy of the corpse must show “that death occurred by frostbite”, Markus Kitz of the Klagenfurt public prosecutor’s office confirmed to the “Krone”. The victim was brutally mauled before her death. Her face showed serious injuries. “There were acts of violence that were not the result of an accident or a fall,” Kitz said. The woman may have been waylaid in front of the morgue. She was attacked and left behind.

Since then, the investigations have been in full swing, including in the vicinity of the dead – that should eventually lead to success. As confirmed on Wednesday, three men were attacked by detectives as suspects. They come from the family environment of the 62-year-old. Reportedly, clues and traces led to the three suspects. The investigations continue.

Source: Krone


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