“Agent Law” – Protests in Georgia: Fear of Russiaization


In Georgia, a controversial law has been introduced to make money flows from abroad public, amid strong protest from the population. The so-called Agents Act stipulates that organizations that obtain at least 20 percent of their financial resources from abroad must register as ‘foreign agents’. They are also overseen by the Ministry of Justice.

The decision could seriously damage relations with the EU, warned EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who spoke of a “very bad development”. Critics fear the Georgia facility is modeled on a similar one law could work in Russia.

Protester: ‘Don’t want to belong to Russia again’
Thousands of people protested against the project in the streets of the capital Tbilisi on Tuesday. Police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the protest. According to eyewitnesses, some protesters threw plastic bottles and fireworks at the police officers.

“I came here because I know my country belongs to Europe, but my government doesn’t understand that,” said 30-year-old protester Demetre Shanshiashvili. “We are here to protect our country, because we don’t want to be part of Russia again.”

Critics see parallels with a similar one launched in Russia in 2012 Law. For them, the project is a slide Georgia in authoritarianism. In February, more than 60 media houses and social organizations participated Georgia stated that he would not participate Lawwant to keep if it comes into effect.

Source: Krone


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