Interview with Basque government spokesperson Bingen Zupiria on March 17, 2022 in Euskadi Irratia


As explained by Basque government spokesman Bingen Zupiria, Urkullu sent two letters to Pedro Sánchez and Emmanuel Macron due to the delay in connecting with Dax. Macron, without making “concrete commitments”, has replied that “the issue needs to be analysed”, according to what Zupiria has revealed.

Euskaraz irakurri: AHTa Frantziarekin lotzeko afera “mahai gainean” duela erantzun dio Macronek lehendakariari

worried about him postponement from 2030 to 2042 announced by the French government of the arrival of the Northwest Atlantic Corridor Daxthe lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has sent two letters to the presidents of Spain and France, Pedro Sánchez and Emmanuel Macron, who have already received a response, as revealed today by the spokesman of the Basque government, Bingen Zupiria.

Zupiria assured this in an interview with Euskadi Irratia’s “Faktoria” program Macron” No has adopted concrete commitments” at Urkullu’s request to speed up that connection, though he has assured that the matter is “on the table and needs to be analysed”. Sánchez, however, has shown his commitment.

Zupiria recalled that the desire to unite the Atlantic rail corridor with France, and therefore with Europe, comes from far away, from “the time of lehendakari Ardanza”, and that 32 years later “we have seen that there is a risk that the Atlantic arc has forgotten”. According to the spokesman, the fact is that Spain assume the presidency of the European Commission this second semester can mean “a chance” to make that request and promote it.

On the other hand, and called into question by the cases of two former vice-councillors and three former directors of the Basque government who have been allowed to sign up for private companiesreminded the spokesman of the regional government that these matters are managed under a law passed eight years ago by the Basque Parliament, and that public officials “respond to compliance with the law, which is done in the vast majority of cases” .

Speaking of his case in particular, Zupiria has assured that he has “nowhere to go” once his public podium is over. “I’m clear that if I’ve done someone a favor I can’t go to that company to work, but if things are done transparently they can’t stop me from going to the private sector when I leave office Not. It prevents me from doing it. That’s why I don’t know why they want to show that we are doing things that the law does not allow, when we are not,” he concluded.

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Source: EITB


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