Police called – own car transferred alcoholic after accident


Gone stupid! With an incredible 1.76 per thousand, a 55-year-old in Upper Austria had an accident with his company car. Because the vehicle made an automatic emergency call, the police were quickly on the scene.

The accident happened just after midnight on Friday. At 12:15 p.m., the 55-year-old from the Perg district drove his company car in the Ried in der Riedmark municipal area on the Ruhstetten freight route towards Frensdorf. In a wooded area, he went off the right side of the road and crashed into a tree.

Exit through tailgate
The vehicle came to a stop on the driver’s side and the driver involved in the accident was able to free himself through the tailgate. The police were informed by the automatic emergency call of the vehicle – an expensive electric car. The police drove to the scene of the accident and asked the driver to take an alcohol test. This resulted in 1.76 per thousand. The man’s driver’s license was taken away.

Source: Krone


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