Book “Apocalypse” – Open letter: “Chancellor Nehammer is grossly mistaken”


Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP)’s “Speech on the Future of the Nation” provoked lasting reactions. Not only among the opposition and party members. The climate theme was particularly exciting.

Nehammer defended combustion engines, criticized climate stickers and warned with the title of a book by American publicist and nuclear lobbyist Michael Shellenberger “Apocalypse Never”. “The book contains serious flaws, as many renowned experts pointed out immediately after publication,” said Agnes Zauner of Global 2000. She urged Nehammer to seek advice from local scientists rather than “nuclear lobbyists.”

In an open letter, the climate alliance “Restart for a crisis-resistant Austria” therefore calls for a summit by the Chancellor. The initiative is supported by Global 2000, WWF and a climate referendum, with the support of former Green Minister Rudi Anschober and numerous prominent personalities. WWF program manager Hanna Simons: “Decisions must be made quickly and consistently based on scientific knowledge. After the Chancellor’s speech, many doubt whether this is also his plan.”

Warning of a dangerous vision
In his speech, Nehammer expressed skepticism about warnings about the advancing climate crisis and referred to the work of the controversial American author. “Nehammer is also dead wrong in thinking the problem is global and not national,” said Christian Kdolsky of the Climate People’s Initiative. “In fact, the temperature in Austria is rising faster than the global average. And with his retrospective vision of the future, he puts our location at risk.”

One of the initiators of the “Neustart” campaign, former minister and “Krone” columnist Anschober, calls for well-considered and decisive action: “In a first step, we would also like to talk to you, especially about the seven measures Our initiative calls for a quick decision.” These include in particular a strong climate law, an energy saving offensive and a contract against soil sealing, which is harmful to the climate and nature.

Source: Krone


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