Federal government guide? – Black-blue: Mikl-Kickl pact as turning point


Schwarz-Blau in Lower Austria says: It is a convenience partnership between Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Udo Landbauer. There is a lot of criticism from many angles. But the model also has potential for the highest levels.

He will never support the ÖVP governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner. The words of FPÖ fighter Udo Landbauer echoed ineffectually in the fields and meadows around St. Pölten. Likewise, Mikl-Leitner’s desire for a government without blue side effects. The mutual dislike brought the two together. FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl approved the pact presented on Friday.

“Incompatible with the ÖVP’s view of humanity”
It’s a Kickl-Mikl pact. And could give a new direction to the federal government. Despite all the contradictions such as with Corona, despite violent protests from the artist scene, NGOs and the Jewish community (including various NS affairs with farmers and Co.). Mikl-Leitner’s party colleague and EU politician Othmar Karas is also disappointed: “Landbauer and Waldhäusl trump each other with ideas that are incompatible with the ÖVP’s view of humanity.”

Ex-minister resigns from ÖVP
Ex-ÖVP Health Minister Andrea Kdolsky announced that she would now leave the party: “March 17, 2023 is the day when the ÖVP Lower Austria will do what Sebastian Kurz failed to do.” all concerns aside, says political adviser Thomas Hofer, who believes a role model for government formation after the National Council elections is realistic.

Mikl-Leitner resorted to saying that “ÖVP and FPÖ have received a clear mandate from the voters”. Moreover, the SPÖ threw itself into the negotiations with uncompromising positions. Karas makes it clear: “Tactics should not be placed above the country.” Out of responsibility for the future, the negotiations should have continued.

A coming together like a difficult path
After the Reds dropped out in the race, the FPÖ was able to claim positions: 30 million for repaying corona fines. Payment is to be made from a fund that will be placed in blue hands. “We decided to approach each other. It is a difficult road for Udo Landbauer and me,” explains Mikl-Leitner. When the future deputy governor presented his subjects, i.e. the concessions to the FPÖ, “it must have been like a stab in the black heart,” says Hofer.

Kickl and the strategies for 2024
State Councilor Gottfried Waldhäusl’s tough asylum course will continue without him. Christoph Luisser, once an adviser to former presidential candidate Walter Rosenkranz (whose wife becomes a regional councillor), follows.

With Reinhard Teufel, Kickl installed his ex-head of cabinet at the Ministry of the Interior as club president. Another signpost: According to information from “Krone”, Kickl purposely did not push to fire Mikl-Leitner, who had been counted as a result of the election losses. Because if his FPÖ could rule in alliance with the ÖVP after the 2024 elections, they would find it difficult to avoid him as (co-)regent.

Source: Krone


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