Drought in Europe – government emergency plan for our water


The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality now wants to prevent a possible “blackout” in and around our precious water with an emergency plan for the drinking water supply. The government is also concerned about stopping the tidal wave of plastic.

About 55,500 local drinking water suppliers supply almost the entire population with high-quality ground and spring water. The remaining seven percent is supplied by domestic wells or individual sources. However, due to climate change and the resulting drought, this is no longer self-evident.

“To prevent the water supply in the home from running dry at some point, we encourage investments in the water infrastructure with targeted support measures. In addition, we are strengthening the monitoring at 3,800 measurement points,” assures Agriculture Minister Norbert Totschnig.

construction of deeper wells
The clear vision of the farmer, who is participating in the UNO water conference in New York at the end of March: to use these observation points to recognize in the spring where and when the precious water can become scarce in the summer and to be well prepared for this time. That is why an emergency plan is being drawn up. Cornerstones of this offensive are the construction of deeper wells and additional drinking water tanks!

Meanwhile, on Saturday’s Global Recycling Day, one plastic horror story follows another. A plastic rock fused with lava rock has now been found on the lonely island of Trindade, which belongs to Brazil. The Plastic Planet Austria association will place a waste collection sign on Vienna’s Danube Island on Saturday.

Source: Krone


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