State election 2023 – Mikl-Leitner’s black-blue harbinger for Salzburg?


The coalition in Lower Austria is making the parties in Salzburg nervous. The governor has already announced that he will not exclude any of the parties.

Governor Wilfried Haslauer does not want to speculate on coalitions before the elections. So does the former district chairman of the ÖVP Tennengau, Christian Struber. If the ÖVP were around 32 percent – that’s a minus of 5.8 percent compared to 2018 – the current constellation of Greens and Neos would run out again. “I think everyone would be back,” Struber muses. But if that doesn’t work, “anything is possible”. A black-blue coalition is quite conceivable. Haslauer does not want to exclude any party.

This makes his current coalition partners in the election campaign visibly nervous. The Greens warn on their posters for a “Kickl coalition” in Salzburg. Neos boss Andrea Klambauer is also alarmed. “Bringing an FPÖ under the responsibility of the government is a leap of faith with a flying start,” she warns. Even Salzburg SPÖ boss David Egger does not want to end talks with the FPÖ.

Source: Krone


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