The Azpetia court has established the preliminary archive of the first complaint in the Bidegi case


The investigating judge found that the accusation of an alleged crime of embezzlement and forgery is “unjustified” and that the reports presented by the Public Prosecution Service were “relative” and “incomplete”.

The Court of First Instance Number 2 of Azpeitia has agreed to the preliminary dismissal of the complaint filed in 2014 by the regional government, then ruled by EH Bildu, for allegedly committing crimes such as embezzlement of public funds and falsification of documents in the take the AP-1 in the Arrasate Norte – Eskoriatza Norte section.

In concrete terms, the decision of the Azpeitia Court dismisses the first of the complaints filed by EH Bildu regarding the works of the AP-1, alleging unjustified deviations and overpricing in the payments for the settlement of the construction works in the part of the Arrasate were exposed. Norte – Eskoriatza Norte highway, with economic damage to the Provincial Council. The judge’s ruling regards the reports presented by the Public Prosecution Service as relative and incomplete, and also considers it proven that there was no embezzlement of government funds in the final settlement of the work.

We are filling in the information…

Source: EITB


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