After a shift to the right in Lower Austria – “anti-Semitism”: Mikl-Kickl Pact inflames people


Criticism of the alliance between the ÖVP and the FPÖ in Lower Austria continued on Saturday. “The blatant and aggressive anti-Semitism that many in this FPÖ share with the German national brotherhoods in Austria is just as outrageous as the fact that the ÖVP makes right-wing extremists socially acceptable with this coalition,” said Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee, in a broadcast.

The International Auschwitz Committee also found a “bitter signal” for the credibility of Austria and Europe. For Holocaust survivors and their relatives, news of the alliance is “outrageous and terrifying”.

“Black day for democracy in Austria”
IG Authors sees “the course set for a nationalistic Austria”. “It is a black day for democracy in Austria,” said a statement signed by Gerhard Ruiss. “Nothing is ruled out anymore, certainly not that the ÖVP will also become the FPÖ’s accomplice at a federal level.”

Rendi-Wagner: “Inhuman politics and incitement to hatred”
Friday there were already admonishing words from many sides. “ÖVP and FPÖ are coming together in record time in Lower Austria. Kickl, Waldhäusl, Landbauer, the entire FPÖ stand for inhumane politics and hate speech,” SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner said via Twitter.

Ex-ÖVP minister resigns from party
Former ÖVP health minister Andrea Kdolsky took her criticism one step further. She announced via Facebook on Friday that she would cancel her membership “thoughtfully and with nostalgia” because of the “increasing shift to the right of the party” and the current “cooperation between the ÖVP Lower Austria and the FPÖ Lower Austria”.

ÖVP NÖ justifies itself
The ÖVP Lower Austria again emphasized in a broadcast on Saturday: “We have started negotiations with the third-placed SPÖ for a good reason. Talks that failed due to too high demands and a lack of willingness to compromise.” The working agreement that has now been concluded puts the national interest above personal sensitivities. In the broadcast, representatives of the sub-organizations of the People’s Party of Lower Austria also spoke pragmatically about the alliance.

Sachslehner: “Strong content”
Praise for the alliance with the FPÖ comes from Viennese councilor Laura Sachslehner. The work program is substantively strong,” she writes on Twitter.

According to her, there is no doubt that FPÖ employees have acted underhandedly in the past. “But what ultimately counts is the clear program and the right centre-right politics that move the country forward.”

Positive signals from the economy
The Lower Austrian Industry Federation (IV) meanwhile wants to “look ahead”. “Now the work can and must begin, there is a lot to do,” said IV-NÖ chairman Thomas Salzer, who called on the future state government to solve issues “constructively and solution-oriented”. The Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria welcomed the fact that the economy had been declared a “top priority”. It is ready for the “continuation of proven joint initiatives and the development of new projects”, it said in a broadcast.

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