“Plurality is a value that has been extremely expensive in the Basque Country”


The PSE has commemorated at the Orio cemetery Juan Priede, municipal councilor killed by ETA 21 years ago.

Euskaraz irakurri: Jose Ignacio Asensio: “Aniztasuna benetan garesti atera da Euskadin”

The general secretary of the PSE-EE of Gipuzkoa, José Ignacio Asensio, has confirmed that the former socialist mayor of Orio John Priede represented “the best of socialist values” and recalled that it was killed by ETA 21 years ago by those who wanted to “silence forever the voices and lives of those of us who were not nationalists”. For this reason, he has assured that “plurality is a value that has been extremely expensive in the Basque Country”.

Asensio made these statements during the Tribute organized by the PSE-EE of Gipuzkoa at the Orio cemetery on the 21st anniversary of the assassination of the former socialist councilor of the corporation in that Gipuzkoan city.

The three children of Juan Priede, Ana -currently a councilor of the PSE-EE in Orio-, Javier and Juan Carlos, attended the ceremony, which consisted of a flower offering at the grave of the deceased. Institutional charges and militants also wanted to accompany the family to remember Priede’s figure.

“Considering the law of silence that some prefer to proclaim, while exposing their pro-sovereignty and pro-independence strategies”, Asensio has honored the memory of the socialist councilors who “stood up against ETA in times of advance”.

The Socialist leader has indicated that the PSE-EE “has a responsibility to protect the memory” of those “brave councilors who were murdered for defending socialism, freedom and plurality, so that their names are not forgotten and also to prevent this country from suffering terrorism again.”

“In honor of the absent and in virtue of the impressive courage it took not to be a nationalist in the Basque Country, we salute the memory of these victims, Froilán Elespe, killed 22 years ago, and Juan Priede, 21 years ago , since keeping them alive, the only guarantee of a present and a future in which it will never happen again that those of us who think differently from those of us who defend plurality are murdered,” he concluded.

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Source: EITB


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