“Greed Inflation” – Katzian: “People are already crawling on their gums”


So now it is certain: the long-discussed rent brake will not come, tenants in the old-build area will have to expect rent increases of around 8.6 percent from April (new contracts) and May (existing contracts). According to the federal government, there will be a one-off rent allowance of an average of 200 euros per household. “This solution is bad,” says ÖGB president Wolfgang Katzian in the krone.tv interview with Gerhard Koller: “It only helps to satisfy the ‘greed inflation’ of the rich. Apartment building owners are likely to pull the corks because of the significantly higher income in the future”.

The population, on the other hand, is already crawling on its gums due to the enormous wave of price increases in energy costs and food. Equally disastrous is that lower world gas prices are still not reflected in energy bills: “It remains unfairly expensive.” This, too, is a sign of “greed inflation,” says Katzian.

According to a member survey “there must also be peace”
By the way, Katzian is anything but happy with the general situation in the SPÖ, as he says: there are many things that need to be addressed in the SPÖ, instead they are now dealing with the issue of leadership. “Apparently there was no other way.” The SPÖ member inquiry into the party leadership will start on April 24. “I think we have to do it as soon as possible. But then there has to be peace. When everything starts again, it’s the beginning of suicide – and to be honest, I don’t want that.”

It has also become known that Berthold Felber and Gerhard Weißensteiner are two other candidates for the SPÖ party presidency. In the video above you can see which of the 5 candidates Wolfgang Katzian himself will choose – along with many other explosive details.

Source: Krone


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