Old Romanian money – 1000 banknotes are only worth 1.50 euros on Ebay


Cheeky scammers tricked a good-natured man from the Waldviertel into a black BMW with a Romanian license plate. In broken German they asked in Zwettl for a tank filling of 30 euros and offered 1000 “lei”. A quick look on the internet turned out to be too fast – the supposed 200 euros in value turned out to be 1.50 euros.

An 18-year-old from Zwettl had to learn the hard way – in the truest sense of the word. The friendly motorcyclist stopped in front of two men in a black BMW with Romanian registration. You cannot refuel and you only have a 1,000 lei note from your home country of Romania, it said in broken English.

The young man wanted to be honest
In exchange for this bill, which should be worth 200 euros after a quick internet search on the mobile phone, they want to fill up for 30 euros. The good-natured 18-year-old agreed. But since it did not seem fair to him to exchange 30 euros for 200 euros, he put a 50 euro note on top of the “fuel money”. The men rode away thankfully.

True but invalid
De Zwettler later checked his research again: the note is genuine, but can no longer be exchanged for euros because it is no longer valid money. Incidentally, the banknote is available on Ebay for 1.50 euros

Source: Krone


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