Black-Blue Pact – A session that changes all of Lower Austria


Lower Austria has a new government. The swearing-in was met with much criticism and weak acclaim. Johanna Mikl-Leitner’s delicate majority (24 votes out of 56) could become a permanent burden. The “Krone” was there for you at the meeting.

Erwin Proell looked seriously into the conference room from the top floor. He knew that what was about to happen would fundamentally change the country he had so profoundly shaped. His seat neighbor was diocesan bishop Alois Schwarz. In the Landhauskapel he tackled the new state government. “We are all united by the concern for the people of Lower Austria,” he is said to have preached before the constituent session of the state parliament. A state parliament in which more Franz than women are represented for the ÖVP and in which Udo Landbauer remembered Donald Trump in his inaugural speech with his political program “Lower Austria first”.

Source: Krone


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