Women contribute 100% if they work less to care for sons and daughters


The measure has been agreed between the ERC and the Government of Spain in the context of the pension reform. With this agreement, ERC will vote in favor of the reform and the Sánchez Executive will secure enough votes to approve the new pension decree.

Euskaraz irakurri: Emakumeek %100 kotizatuko dute seme-alaben zaintzagatik lanaldia murrizten dutenean

Republican Left (ERC) has announced an agreement with the Government of Spain under the pension reform, so that women who reduce their working time to care for a son or daughter contribute 100% of their working time before the reduction during the reduction period. The ERC delegate Jordan Salvador He made the announcement at a congressional press conference, where he explained that this change is expected to be reflected in the pension reform.

As guaranteed by the Minister of Integration and Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, this change will be included in the future treatment of the decree as a draft law or in the form of an additional provision in another regulation.

In the context of this agreement, Salvador also pointed out that he has agreed with Minister Escrivá to increase the temporary disability pension due to risk of pregnancy or during the lactation period for workers who also reduce their working hours. The ERC delegate has celebrated the agreement, which is “very important to fight the gender gap”.

With all this, Salvador has put forward the favorable mood of his group for the validation of the decree and has thanked the “sincere dialogue” with Escrivá. Earlier, EH Bildu, PDeCAT, Más País and Compromís also voted in favour.

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