The Director of Emergency Attention and Meteorology of the Basque Government, Fernando Izaguirre, resigns


The Basque government has accepted the resignation of Fernando Izagirre for alleged irregularities when he was chairman of the DYA.

Euskaraz irakurri: Eusko Jaurlaritzako Larrialdi and Meteorologia zerbitzuko zuzendariak dimisioa eman du

The Director of Emergency Services and Meteorology of the Basque Government, Fernando Izagirre, has resigned for alleged irregularities when he was chairman of the DYA in Bizkaia.

As Basque government sources confirmed to EITB Media, he resigned last weekend and the Governing Council accepted his resignation yesterday, after the two sides reached an agreement.

The Basque government has emphasized: that accusation It has nothing to do with his work at the Emergency Relief and Meteorology Directorate In any case, he hopes that the matter will be clarified as soon as possible.

The current management of the DYA has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution Service for alleged irregular economic management while he was chairman of the entity between 2016 and 2021

NGO sources have told EITB Media that a year ago, when the DYA leadership was replaced, the new board of directors ordered an internal audit that revealed irregularities related to the financial situation. From the DYA they’re talking about “abnormal operations”all related to the Emer Plus company, and to unwarranted economic moves that allegedly happened during his presidency.

For example, the DYA filed the corresponding complaint with the court on April 4. Apparently, in the alleged embezzlement case up to 10 people would be involved

DYA’s manager, Javier Liz, explained to Radio Euskadi that they do not want to quantify or make value judgments on this until those involved speak up.

On the other hand, He has also left his position as spokesman for the PNV municipal faction in the Galdakao City Council In the last municipal elections he was a candidate for mayor for the PNV, although EH Bildu eventually won the mayoralty.

In this regard, Fernando Izagirre he also resigned from his positions in the DYA


The Basque PP denounces “the little zeal of the Basque government” in the appointment of Fernando Izagirre. The general secretary of the Basque PP and parliamentarian of PP+Cs in the Basque parliament, Laura Garrido, believes that the PNV card has once again gained the upper hand on its suitability to run an essential service. For this reason, he will ask the Minister of Security to explain the resignation of the Director of Emergency Situations of the Basque Government at the next plenary meeting scheduled for 6 May.

Source: EITB


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