Feio ignores Sanchez’s demand for “unity” and downgrades PP’s position in the parliamentary group.


The PP maintains uncertainty as to whether Congress will support the Royal Decree Act, which includes anti-crisis measures approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday. Neither the speaker of parliament, Kuka Gamara, during the debate on the crisis in Ukraine, which took place in the lower house this Wednesday, nor the virtual president of the party, Alberto Nunez Feijo, wanted to state their position. The future leader of the party has, in fact, shifted the responsibility to Gamra. “The PP group has expressed the group’s opinion,” he said. At the same time, it was removed from the speech of the party’s general coordinator: “The scope and content of the position of the parliamentary group are gathered there.”

Feio criticized the executive’s economic policies at a news conference in Pontevedra this Wednesday. “Inflation of around 10% is very bad news for families, workers and companies,” he said, calling the situation “dramatic.” “Something is wrong,” he said. “The economic policy of this government does not work,” he said. “Either it will change, it will change intensively, or we can offer patches and not solve the problem,” he added.

The President of Galicia was asked whether he considered it possible to attend the “unity” demand in response to the economic crisis launched by Pedro Sanchez from the rostrum of Congress. His response blamed Kuka Gamara. “PP Group expressed the opinion of the group. “This is where the scope and content of the parliamentary group’s position are gathered,” he replied.

Feijóo did not answer what the PP’s voting position would be when Congress had to approve a royal ordinance law approved by the government on Tuesday. A fact that will happen when he is already the president of the party. The leader reiterated his criticism of the executive branch. “Attempts to reach a decision that are already in the BOE are wrong,” he said. “Covenants are for drafting agreements, not for concluding agreements,” he argued. Feiyo noted that “in spite of everything, the party intends to ‘study in detail what is published in the BOE.’ And concluded: “PP, as a state party, knows the limit solution we are experiencing, I hope the government will change its economic and spending policies. “We can talk.”

The future leader of the opposition, who will not be able to debate with Pedro Sanchez in Congress, said the government should change its policy in order to have the support of the PP. But unequivocally without what he intends to do with the concrete confirmation of the royal decree law published in the official state newspaper this Wednesday.

And what did the parliamentary group in which Feio took responsibility say? Nothing specific. The harshest phrase came in response to Gamara in two turns. “If we see that the answers are not needed, are not fast and effective, we can not tell you,” he concluded.

“Do you want to say ‘yes’ to what you are doing without analyzing the measures? You are used to ‘this is lentils,'” he said. “But we can offer measures in other directions to make the country work,” he added, adding that “if you want to take the initiative, the course of economic policy, ‘here we are.’

On the other hand, Sanchez criticized PP because “they did not consider it appropriate to submit any proposal.” “I hope so. “Since we have not been told yet that we are going to vote against, they can approve this resolution with their votes,” he added.

The lack of a definition of PP is due to a royal decree law already published in the BOE and a day after Feijóo announced a “presidential office” set up “outside the party” and “parallel to the organic structure”. An advisory board about which no one knew anything in management, and this becomes Feijo’s first official announcement since he took office. De facto More than a month ago PP.

Source: El Diario


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