Erdogan’s Election Campaign – NEOS: “Bringing Internal Turkish Conflicts To Us”


Voting for Turks abroad ended on Tuesday five days before election day in Turkey. In Austria, a record participation of 56.17 percent was recorded, more than seven percent more than five years ago. “The Turkish election campaign in Austria was very active and very professional,” explains NEOS MP Yannick Shetty in the talk on “People should exercise their right to vote,” Shetty added. However, much of what happens in the mosques in Austria happens in the dark: “It all takes place behind closed doors.”

There are signs that Turkish MPs from Erdogan’s AKP party are being sent to Austria to campaign here. “None of this belongs in Austria,” says Shetty, who sees a lot of potential for conflict in this. “Especially because the election campaign in Turkey is conducted with the strongest links and internal Turkish conflicts are thus brought to Austria.”

“What is actually happening in mosque associations in Vienna and why is there so little activity on the part of the Ministry of the Interior in this area?” Shetty now wants to know and asked Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP). The cause is therefore a matter for Parliament.

Watch the full interview with Yannick Shetty in the video above.

Source: Krone


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