Half-year balance – Tyrol: Black-red coalition satisfied with itself


The Tyrolean state government has been in office for six months – and is now taking stock: Governor Anton Mattle (ÖVP) rates the work of black and red so far as “good”, his deputy Georg Dornauer (SPÖ) as “very good” . Markus Abwerzger, leader of the FPÖ state party, has to take his “old wine” ruling.

The Blues will present a so-called bitter bill in the state parliament on Thursday: “6 months of black and red standstill in Tyrol. From old wine in new bottles.”

The government draws its own conclusions
With their own record, LH Mattle and LHStv. Dornauer the FPÖ the wind out of the sails. The work has been going on since day one, Mattle has so far tallied 9,000 phone minutes and 1,300 appointments, his red deputy more than 1,000. “I feel a high level of satisfaction among people. She is happy that we work well together, that we ‘create'”, says Dornauer. Don’t be afraid to touch hot iron.

Mattle: “I’m diplomatic”
“I’m certainly not a mess. It’s sometimes said that I’m too sophisticated. I’m diplomatic. I have the power to reach people a second and a third time,” said Mattle. “We guarantee a middle ground policy .” People have feeling and not the urge to introduce prestige objects at the expense of the taxpayer.

Mattle rates the opposition’s work so far as “satisfactory”. “Our hand remains more than outstretched.” There should be talks at the end of May: “Big projects need big majorities”. Dornauer found “a maximum of frustration” with FP boss Markus Abwerzger.

Source: Krone


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