Seven of the EH Bildu candidates convicted by the AN will not take office in their election


They have sent a letter to confirming that they are making this decision to contribute to “coexistence and peace”, after the controversy their presence on the EH Bildu lists has caused.

The seven EH Bildu candidates to the elections of May 28, who were convicted of blood crimes in their time by the National Court, resign to take office in case of election. These candidates have sent a letter to confirming that they are taking this decision “to contribute to coexistence and peace”, after the controversy generated in recent days by the inclusion of 44 convicted candidates on the lists by EH Bildu.

The General Coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, will appear today at noon at the party headquarters in Donostia, accompanied by the members of the Political Table.

Jose Antonio Torre Altonaga, Asier Uribarri Benito, Lander Maruri Basagoiti, Begoña Uzkudun Etxenagusia, Jose Ramón Rojo González, Juan Carlos Arriaga Martínez and Agustín Muiños Díaz are the seven EH Bildu candidates convicted in a fatal trial and that they have decided that they will not serve as councilors if elected.

In the statement they signed, to confirm that they “want first of all to address the victims of ETA and, in general, all the people who have suffered in this conflict, to stake so that neither our words nor our actions never add the slightest distress to the one who already existed”. They add that “we will not now deny our militancy of the past, nor the responsibility we assume with it”. However, they emphasize that “we have participated in the change of strategy of the abertzale left which was produced more than a decade ago, and that we accept its unequivocal commitment by exclusively political and democratic means”.

The seven candidates confirm this add up expressly to the Statement of 18 October as a self-critical look at the previous cycle of confrontation”. They assure that they do not want a “future without a past, but neither can we accept the actions of those reactionary sectors that want to condemn our country to a past without a future.”

In this sense, sue that It is “clear that in recent days partisan and electoral interests have prevailed that have little or nothing to do with building coexistence and peace, and that the purpose of the controversy is nothing but harm to EH Bildu”. According to him, EH Bildu’s political project “represents a hopeful future for the Basque Country, which has gained the support of numerous people and sectors, including many who openly confronted us in their time, censored and condemned our achievements .”

Source: EITB


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