Dismissed due to special rules – National Council: Corona short-time work ends in September


The National Council decided on Thursday to phase out all special arrangements that have arisen due to the corona pandemic. The rules for Corona short-time work will end in September, after which the original short-time work model will apply again.

In addition, decisions on care were still pending in the National Council on Thursday. On the one hand, it is a learning workplace, with a three- or four-year training to become a nursing assistant or nursing assistant. On the other hand, those who do not live in the same household now also receive the allowance for caring family members.

There will also be a higher energy crisis contribution for electricity producers if they do not lower electricity prices: the threshold for unaffected market income of electricity producers will be lowered from 1 June from 140 to 120 euros per megawatt hour of electricity. In principle, 90 percent of the “additional revenues” beyond this should be paid to the state.

Source: Krone


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