High energy prices – Nehammer to companies: “Let’s not go paper!”


The federal government continues to struggle with high inflation. After the threatening gestures against the food trade, Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is now addressing the energy companies sharply: “We will no longer stand on paper and will not shy away from further measures.”

The reason for the fury of politicians is that many companies do not pass on the falling prices on the wholesale market to their customers. The Chancellor sees this as a threat to the location. The government no longer allows this and will show a “clear edge”.

The tax on the excess profit will be increased as of 1 June
High energy prices are seen as the biggest driver of inflation. This spiral must be broken, says Nehammer. He expects energy prices for end customers to fall in the summer. The House of Representatives will decide next week to tighten the excess profit tax for energy companies, which will take effect on 1 June. “Then the domino effect should begin.”

When asked in a background conversation, Nehammer did not say what further steps could be taken if this did not happen. But there is no prohibition on thinking.

Health system as another construction site
The chancellor called the healthcare system another construction site of the government. Politicians have “overslept important reform steps over the past 15 years”. The priority here is to relieve the ambulances. Nehammer declines an ambulance reimbursement, as she has given it before. That didn’t work. Instead there should be more panelists, 100 this year.

Source: Krone


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