Guipuzkoa regional election results in 2023


The coalition of Abertzale left led by Maddalen Iriarte wins 22 seats in the General Assembly (five more), the PNV 17 (three less), the PSE-EE gets seven representatives (two less), Elkarrekin wins two seats (two less) and the PP achieves three (two more).

Sorpasso by EH Bildu to the PNV in Gipuzkoa. Abertzale’s coalition of the left is the big winner in the Gipuzkoa General Assembly elections, by getting 22 lawyers with 36.64% of the vote, five more than in 2019. The coalition led by Maddalen Iriarte has won almost 15,000 more votes than Eider Mendoza’s jeltzale candidacy. With these results, EH Bildu improves on the results of 2011, in which it obtained 35.43% of the vote.

He GDP it goes to second place with 32.64% of the vote. The jeltzales won 17 seats, three fewer than four years ago.

For his part, he PSE-EE He maintains third position, although he will have two junteros less. José Ignacio Asensio’s candidacy, which won 15.67% of the vote, will receive seven seats in the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa, two less than in the previous legislature.

Similarly, it also lost two seats huddle together (coalition formed by Podemos Euskadi, Ezker Anitza-IU, Berdeak Equo and Alianza Verde), and Miren Echeveste’s candidacy will have two representatives in the General Assemblies of Gipuzkoa.

finally, the People’s Party It rose in particular in Gipuzkoa and Mikel Lezama’s candidacy, with 6.25% of the vote, will have three junteros, two more than the popular one at the moment.

Once the ballots have been examined and the results are known, it is time to reach an agreement. With these results, the PNV and PSE-EE would not be able to reissue the government formula of the previous legislature, and the jeltzale candidate, Eider Mendoza, would need the support of a third party to become the first female deputy general in Gipuzkoa. EH Bildu, who was in charge of Gipuzkoa county council from 2011-2015, would also need at least one more juntero group to reach the 26 junteros needed for an absolute majority.

Source: EITB


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