Mao: “We made many mistakes but there were other factors that pushed us”


Mao Ye, CEO of Espanyol, apologized this Sunday after Espanyol’s relegation ended, although he denounced that other factors, as significant as referee injuries, weighed on the parakeet club during the disastrous year.

“First of all I have to apologize to the fans for all the difficulties this season. A time in which we all struggled but in which we suffered until the last moment. At this time I can only say that we need to come back stronger, unite and keep moving forward. There are no words of comfort, I am not asking for understanding, we have to work on thinking about the future,” Mao said in the club’s media statements.

The CEO made self-criticism for the terrible campaign but spoke of external factors that ‘crushed’, in his opinion, Spain.

“We sought this situation on our own. We made many mistakes but there were other factors that pushed us, although football gave us opportunities to continue to dream and fight until the end”, he highlighted.

He did not hesitate to emphasize the mistakes of the referee, as an example, what happened in the Mestalla: “In the last stage of this season these types of decisions are emphasized, but throughout the season consecutively- we suffered one after the other. I can’t do a summary now of the amount we experienced”. On the line he repeated that “we will do everything possible to continue defending the interests and damage caused by our club. Today it is spoken throughout Spain, tomorrow it will be spoken throughout the world.”

Source: La Verdad


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