Results of the 2023 Navarra regional elections


UPN has been the most voted force with 15 MPs, ahead of PSN (11 MPs), EH Bildu (9), Geroa Bai (7), PP (3), the Zurekin-Contigo Navarra coalition (3) and Vox ( 2 parliamentarians).

UPN has been the most voted force in provincial elections Parliament of Navarre. The party led by Javier Esparza won 27.88% of the vote and 15 seats. Four years ago, the regionalist formation formed a coalition with PP and Ciudadanos and together they won 20 parliamentarians.

If second force is placed psn. The list led by María Chivite won 21.34% of the vote and 11 representatives.

Next one, EH Bildu It is the third force in Navarre with 16.83% of the vote and 9 parliamentarians, 2 more than the previous legislature.

follows him gero bai with 13.02% of the vote and 7 seats. The Abertzale formation loses two representatives compared to the previous legislature.

Next are the PPwith 7% of the vote and 3 seats.

The Left Coalition Zurekin-with you it obtained 6% of the vote and 3 representatives, keeping the same number as before.

Finally, vox breaks into the Parliament of Navarre with 4% of the vote and 2 representatives.

Participation was 67.6%, four points less than in 2019.

Source: EITB


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