Kontseilua calls for protest against PAI law today


Euskalgintza Kontseilua has called a march in defense of the language rights of all citizens, under the slogan “Herritarrak ez gutxietsi” (no disregard for citizens). Kontseilua finds it “perverse” to focus on learning English to the detriment of Basque.

Euskaraz irakurri: PAI programs army aurka manifestatzera deitu du Kontseiluak gaurko

Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua calls to demonstrate today against the pact between PSN and Navarra Suma to force the teaching staff of the MYP and make progress in preparing a learning model in English, as it is “an attack on citizenship rights”. The march starts at 5:30 PM from Antoniutti Park from Pamplona/Iruña, under the slogan “Herritarrak ez gutxietsi” (no disregard for the citizens).

The general secretary of Kontseilua, Paul Bilbao, has claimed that the PAI law is “very serious. Indeed, the public authorities have a specific obligation to guarantee the right of citizens to know the language of Navarre, an obligation that is not currently exists meets the government of Navarre”.

“Is a strike against equality of Navarrees and Navarrees. And it is that the current educational model denies thousands of children and young people the right to know Euskara, leaving them without any idea of ​​Euskara. face it, focusing on the possible right to know English is perverse They want to put a facade of non-existent rights on the decisions that radiate hatred towards Euskara,” Bilbao added.

“We want to make a direct request to the political parties. The excuse of disagreement cannot be used to accept decisions of this kind,” he noted, adding that “the decisions to eradicate the Basque language and the Basque-speaking community , parliamentary support does not mean they are democratic decisions

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Source: EITB


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