Egibar defends PNV’s “clear and sharp” project to face “uncertainty”


Faced with the current “political disorientation”, the chairman of the Gipuzkoa PNV has assured that his party has “a project capable of guiding and setting the political, economic and social course in Euskadi”.

The President of the PNV of Gipuzkoa, Joseba Egibarwarned this Saturday that, among the “risks” that exist “at a time of uncertainty” for Europe like the current one, there is that of “political disorientation”, against which he has pitted his party because it “has a project capable of guiding and setting the political, economic and social course in Euskadi”.

Egibar made these reflections after participating in a work session framed in the “listen” dynamic jeltzale Entzuez Eraikiwhich took place in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Abertzale’s leader has emphasized that his formation will work for “achieving a sovereign Euskadi built on the foundations of economic development and social justice” and to “progress as a people by overcoming social and economic inequalities”.

“At a time of uncertainty like the current one, when Europe as a whole is faced with the consequences of the pandemic and Putin’s war, we need to be aware of the risks that exist. increase in social inequality, the emergence of rifts of various kinds and political disorientation, he warned.

Against this background, it has emphasized: the “clear and sharp” project presented by the Basque Nationalist Party“with signs of identity, values ​​and goals”.

“Full recognition as a people and the equal opportunities for all people who make up without exception are two issues inherent in the nationalist project, essential to ensure our future as a people and society,” he stated.

For Egibar it is necessary “defend and strengthen the identity” of the Basque people “Basque is what makes us Basque, so we have to preserve and develop it, both the knowledge and especially the use of it,” he emphasized.

The PNV model, he claimed, “is based on values ​​and rights”, but pits “collective values ​​against individualism” because “they strengthen the person, society and the nation”.

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Source: EITB


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