Only parties disagree – school grades: Everyone wants more assessment methods


While Germany debates whether spelling is really that important for school grades and long ago introduced a broader grading system, people in this country are still considering whether grades should be included in addition to grades. According to parents, students and educational experts, the meaning is clear: Yes! Those responsible see it differently.

In Austrian schools, students are generally assessed by grades. However, in primary and special schools there is the possibility of an alternative performance assessment if the class forum decides to do so. “In this case, legal guardians can also request that a number certificate be issued,” the Ministry of Education said. But at the latest at the end of the second year, all children receive a number certificate.

Figures are of course important, students, parents, teachers, educational experts and politicians agree on that. But purely numerical assessment is very important. School grades are generally “not enemies or bogeymen” for students, as federal school spokesperson Marius Hlacidk emphasizes.

Source: Krone


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