“Treason” of Austria – Kneissl now gets a think tank, wants to go to Russia


Referring to Lew Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace,” Austria’s former foreign minister Karin Kneissl complained Thursday at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that Austria had betrayed Russia and that she herself was “some kind of collateral damage.” In this case. . In St. Petersburg, Kneissl also thought aloud about moving to Russia and announced the creation of a Russian think tank that she would lead.

“I am seriously considering moving to Russia,” said the woman who last lived in Lebanon kneissl the Russian news agency TASS. At the same time, she emphasized that she was not ready for Russian citizenship and that she would have to learn Russian in order to become Russian. Only after reading “War and Peace”, the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and at least two works of Anton Chekhov, one could talk about this question. At the same time, she spoke out against dual nationality.

In a discussion at the International Economic Forum, the Austrian ex-politician had previously said that a growing number of people in the West wanted to move to Russia over values ​​issues and that they did not agree that their daily lives were defined by “certain minorities”. “. There is also an old tradition of migration flows from Europe to Russia that could now be revived.

“I don’t live in the Middle East myself because I chose it that way. I was able to move there the fastest when I was expelled from the European Union last year,” he said kneisslwho recently described herself as a “political refugee” (video above).

In the past, many Austrians had made a lot of money off Russians by designing or renovating villas, she said. “Unfortunately, doctors in Austria stopped treating Russian patients last year because they were Russians,” the ex-minister said, without giving details of this serious accusation.

Think tank will be called “GORKI”.
Kneissl also announced the creation of a think tank she will lead called “GORKI”, which she presented to the public on Friday along with St. Petersburg State University rector Nikolai Kropatschew. GORKI would stand for “Geopolitical Observatory for Russia’s Key Issues” and empirical academic answers should be found with him to guide political activities.

Located at the University of St. Petersburg, the center will deal with Russia’s economic development, its energy independence, issues of migration, as well as diplomacy and Russian foreign policy, the university said in a press release: ” The center combines the academic potential of Russia’s first university with the rich diplomatic experience of its director (kneisslAnn.)“

Source: Krone


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