Gure Esku congratulates the Basque people “for showing they are capable of taking on challenges” at the Tour


The spokesman Josu Etxaburu has emphasized that what we have experienced these days has been “very emotional”, because in addition to encouraging the runners with respect “we have proudly spread our identity, symbols and proclamations”.

Thousands of ikurrinas they painted the Tour de France red, green and white, in the three stages that went entirely through Euskal Herria. The citizens’ initiative for the right to decide, Gure Esku, has congratulated Basque citizens “for demonstrating their ability to face challenges as a people moving in the same direction”, pointing out that they share the same will do work in the Tour of Spain.

At a press conference this morning in Bilbao, Gure Esku appreciated the initiatives developed on the occasion of the first three stages of the Tour de France 2023. The spokesman Josu Etxaburu has emphasized that what he has experienced in recent days It was “very emotional” for two main reasons: “We have respectfully encouraged the runners and at the same time we have prided ourselves identity, symbols and proclamations“.

Gure Esku has also submitted its proposal for September. On September 9 and 10, there are two stages of the Back to Spain they will pass through Euskal Herria: the stage of September 9 will pass through Zuberoa and finish in Larra-Belagua; the next day the stage will go all the way through Navarre, starting in Pamplona and ending in Lekunberri. For this reason, Gure Esku and Nafarroa Berriz Altxa will organize several initiatives during these two days to claim the right to decide for Euskal Herria.

Josu Etxaburu closed the performance with a reflection: “on initiative Euskal Herria munduan – Euskal Herriak erabaki We have made it clear step by step, from beginning to end, that we are a people who want to decide their political future, a people who welcome those who come. We want no boundaries between us and with today’s goal as our starting point, pedal by pedal, we will continue on the road until we have achieved full sovereignty.”

Source: EITB


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