Exclude coalition – Nehammer now declares Kickl a “security risk”


Can you form a coalition with FPÖ leader Herfbert Kickl? Karl Nehammer has now answered this question more specifically than he did a few weeks ago. As chancellor, he wants to beat Kickl in the 2024 election campaign. But even as vice-chancellor, Kickl is difficult for the ÖVP boss to imagine. “Because of everything Kickl has shown so far in a government position, he poses a security risk to the country,” the Chancellor emphasized on Tuesday.

A nine-week summer holiday despite many construction sites in the country – the ‘Krone’ had accused politicians of this last week. Naturally, the chancellor did not want to accept this finding. In a background conversation in the Chancellery, he tried to prove the opposite.

Nehammer: ‘The working atmosphere in the coalition is good’
“The media likes to get carried away in the myth that there is a coalition dispute. Better to look at the statistics. In 2012, 125 laws were passed in one year. In 2022 there were 259 laws,” Nehammer defended himself to the journalists. The working atmosphere is also good. Conflict points are handled “procedurally”.

Even Werner Kogler’s hotly debated statement that the policies of the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, were “pre-fascist” to normal thinkers does not want to get Nehammer into coalition trouble. “I have come to know the Greens with many faces – from solution-oriented to ideological. Kogler’s request to speak falls into the latter category.”

Nehammer distanced himself from Kickl as a coalition partner
With less understanding, he goes to court with FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl. As is known, the FPÖ rejects Austria’s accession to the European airspace defense system Sky Shield. It was a “devastating neutrality policy decision”.

The ÖVP chancellor objects that you also have to defend yourself if you are neutral. Herbert Kickl’s positions pose a “security risk to the country”. The example of the most recent acquittals in the BAT trial shows what happens when “democracy falls into the wrong hands”. Nehammer does not want to discuss neutrality. This is just an elite discussion in Austria.

Source: Krone


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