How does Zadic decide? – Cobra affair about chancellor: final report ready


The Korneuburg public prosecutor’s office has completed the investigation into the Cobra affair involving two bodyguards of Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP). The project report was sent to the Ministry of Justice by Minister of Green Alma Zadic a few days ago.

“As always in such cases, no information can be given about the content and the time horizon,” department spokeswoman Sina Bründler told the “Kurier”.

Will the procedure be stopped?
According to insiders, the anonymous allegations of abuse of office may not have been confirmed. So the procedure is probably imminent.

The case concerns two Cobra officials who allegedly caused a body-damage accident in the spring of 2022 after being drunk with the chancellor’s wife.

In a parliamentary inquiry, the SPÖ published an anonymous letter from an alleged Cobra insider, which also raised allegations that the chancellor could have intervened in the case to cover up the trials – which Nehammer himself rejected as untrue.

Nehammer’s motion to stop was denied by the Higher Regional Court
The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Vienna rejected a request from Nehammer to stop the investigation. Nehammer’s attorney, Oliver Scherbaum, recently expected the investigation to be dropped soon.

Source: Krone


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