The Congressional Table negotiations, awaiting the decision of Junts


The Congressional Table negotiations, awaiting the decision of Junts

The bloc parties of the left are working with “discretion” to achieve a progressive majority at the Congressional Table. Junts will determine his position on Thursday morning, minutes before the constituent session of the Cortes Generales.

When less than 48 hours are left for the Constitutive Assembly of the Cortes Generales, the talk for the formation of the Council of Congress.

The parties of the left-wing bloc are operating with “discretion” after rejecting the Canary Islands coalition’s proposal to elevate a PNV deputy as president. PSOE spokesman, Pilar Alegría, has defended in recent hours that the congressional table should reflect the “mostly progressive” result of the July 23 elections and has called for “caution and dialogue”.

This Tuesday, in an interview with Radio Euskadi, the elected deputy Enrique Santiago (Sumar) defended the presence of nationalist forces at the congress table. In any case, he believes that the presidency should align with the PSOE as the party with the most representation “of all progressive and democratic forces”.

Regarding negotiations with Junts to support the formation of a progressive government, Santiago has assured a possible amnesty is not being negotiated as suggested by the Puigdemont formation.

The Constituent Session of the Cortes Generales begins Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Congress of Deputies. Two hours before that, at 08:00, the Junts meeting takes place to determine its position on the composition of the board.

Source: EITB


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