After an uproar last year, the federal government is planning asylum tents: Dornauer rejects this


Every year again? Once again, the reception of asylum seekers in Tyrol before the winter is causing a stir. The federal government apparently plans to set up asylum tents – just like last year. Back in the community of Absam. The responsible deputy governor of Tyrol, Georg Dornauer (SPÖ), takes a position and rejects the project.

The Federal Agency for Care and Support Services (BBU) submitted a construction notice this week for the construction of tents for 100 people in Absam, on the sports field and the barracks grounds. “Unlike about a year ago, this time with all the necessary documents. Asylum seekers should apparently be accommodated there,” the Tyrolean SPÖ said on Wednesday.

“I stand by my word”
LHStv. Dornauer, state party leader and responsible for integration and refugees within the state government, clearly rejects the plan: “That is out of the question and interests me as little today as it did when I took office eleven months ago. I stand by my word that refugees in Tyrol will be received in a humane manner.”

The state itself has taken precautions and there are places available in the accommodation. “This seems to be overlooked within the federal government – ​​and I will personally tell the Minister of the Interior about this during my next stay in Vienna. Friendly, but firm,” Dornauer further emphasizes.

“Calm and orderly path”
The Tyrolean SPÖ leader once again underlined “his pragmatic and restrictive line” on asylum issues: “Together with the TSD (Tiroler Sozialedienste GmbH, note) we have worked intensively since the beginning of my government period to ensure basic services and integration of refugees in Tyrol to get on the right track. The fact is that the hard work is worth it. Accommodation options are obtained, if necessary, in cooperation with the communities and in harmony with the Tyroleans.”

Tyrol would continue to follow this “calm and orderly path” in the future. “At European level, we finally need controllable conditions at the EU’s external borders.”

Great excitement last year
In the autumn of the previous year, the setting up of asylum tents on the grounds of the police academy in the municipality of Absam caused a lot of excitement. The community defended itself with a message against the tents for asylum seekers. The BBU had received a 19-page letter. The basic message was that it had to be dismantled within three days. The local boss at the time spoke of a “black building”.

Source: Krone


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