Air defense problem – London: Russia took down its own fighter jet


According to the British assessment, the Russian anti-aircraft system made a serious mistake: it shot down its own fighter jet near the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Tokmak. Moreover, a whole swarm of drones hit Russia on Wednesday night. According to information from Moscow, 31 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down over Russian territory. The Kremlin sees Ukraine as the mastermind and accuses the country of terrorism.

The accidentally shot down plane in Ukraine was the fifth loss of the Su-35S aircraft, Russia’s most advanced combat aircraft in widespread use, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday. According to the popular pro-Russian military blogger ‘Fighterbomber’, the pilot was killed. In total, Russia has lost about 90 aircraft since the start of the war of aggression against Ukraine.

Air defense systems on “highest readiness”
The strategically important city of Tokmak in the Zaporizhia region has been heavily fortified. Russian command posts are often housed there, commanding one of the most controversial parts of the front. “These headquarters are typically protected by dedicated short- and medium-range air defense systems,” the London report said. These are “very likely on high alert” as Ukraine continues to carry out effective attacks on such locations.

A photo of the crashed Russian Su-35S plane has now emerged:

Drone swarm attacks Russia
Last night, drones were taken out of the air in the Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions bordering Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced. No further details were given on this.

Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomas accused the Ukrainian army of targeting several villages in the southern Russian region with cluster munitions. No injuries were reported in the attacks, but several houses were damaged, he said via the short-messaging service Telegram. The government in Kiev initially did not comment on this.

According to Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, 19 “objects” were eliminated in Belgorod. According to preliminary information, an administrative building, a house and three vehicles were damaged, as the politician disclosed on Telegram.

Source: Krone


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