Travel Mock – Nehammer: “A ceasefire and dialogue needed”


Chancellor Karl Nehammer was unanimously elected chairman on Saturday with 524 votes at the ÖVP party conference. In his speech, he mainly spoke about crises such as the war in Ukraine, price increases and dependence on fossil fuels.

He opened it by saying that former Chancellor Sebastian had just texted him. This is perfectly fine and will then be published, Nehammer replied to the laughter of his party members.

Although there is currently a strong, even brutal headwind at the state, federal and European political levels and the opposition is fighting with all means, it is not possible to attack the Christian social values ​​of the party. Headwinds can turn into tailwinds again. All changes bring opportunity, confidence and a little bit of hope. As examples, he cited the ÖVP’s new government team following the departure of Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger and Economic Affairs Minister Margarete Schramböck, as well as the Freedom of Information Act, which is yet to come.

Austria can defend itself
Nehammer then discussed his trip to Ukraine and Russia, among other things. He is aware of the ridicule, but it is better to act than just watch. “Standing on the brink of a mass grave was one of my most formative experiences in political life.” Austria is militarily neutral and can defend itself, although omissions have happened in the federal army. Nevertheless, the country must have an opinion and communicate it. “We need a ceasefire and talks,” the chancellor is convinced. Goals for him are about better relations with Turkey and more budget for the Austrian army.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, the federal party chairman also addressed the increasingly difficult energy supply, migration and the wave of inflation. Nehammer promised a billion dollar transformation fund so that Austria would be less dependent on fossil fuels in the long run. The process should lead to jobs and economic growth. The government is currently working on a gas reserve.

With regard to the increased prices for rent, groceries and the like, Nehammer indicates that this has already developed in the past year. However, the war also drives up prices. The government has already responded with two anti-inflation packages, especially helping the financially weak. Pessimism does not help here, solutions and help for self help are needed.

Migration through neighborhood help
As an example of the latter, he positively referred to neighborhood aid for refugees from Ukraine. At the same time, migration is already taking place. Nehammer thanked the population for their solidarity, but at the same time pointed out that rapid asylum procedures and, if necessary, rapid return were needed. People who have already crossed several EU countries before Austria are often not even registered.

Source: Krone


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