Interview with Bingen Zupiria, Basque Government, on the Boulevard de Radio Euskadi, on the 40th anniversary of EITB


On Euskal Irrati Telebista’s 40th birthday, the spokesman for the Basque government recalled that the self-government had been established together with the EITB, and assured that the challenges facing Euskadi are “consolidating democracy, committed to coexistence” and “very attentive” to populism.

Euskaraz irakurri: Zupiria: “Hurbileko informazio konprometitua izateko balio du EITBk”

Bingen ZupiriaMinister of Culture and Language Policy and spokesperson for the Basque Government, celebrated the 40th birthday of Euskal Irrati Telebista on Boulevard de Radio Euskadi, underlining that it serves “so that we citizens have a near, near and dedicated informationEvents such as the invasion of Ukraine show us, according to the minister, “how important it is to have our own media to tell what is happening in the world”.

Zupiria, who was also a journalist in the group and director of ETB, recalled that the self-government “It was built” in the same years that EITB was founded, as well as laws such as the Economic Agreement or the Basque language were passed. At the same time, there was “a political force”, referring to the nationalist left, which did not participate in the first Basque parliament (Herri Batasuna got 11 seats that he ultimately did not occupy): “He taunted those institutions, he fought them and he did not want to participate The rest compromised and decided to found a country.”

The advisor has pointed to the consensus being reached “weekly” in institutions of every level, indicating that there is “very strong involvement on the part of the majority of formations”. “A section of our population that has justified and legitimized the use of force for decades has decided to leave that path and engage in construction,” allowing for “new appointments,” Zupiria noted.

Looking ahead, the Executive’s spokesperson assures that the challenges of the autonomous community are “consolidate democracybet on coexistence and democracy, and be very alert to these delegitimizing populist movements that want to question our coexistence”.

The counselor has referred to the process of: stabilization of places in the administration and public entities, after a time of “restriction” in the call for PPOs. “There are places occupied by temporary workers that need to be normalized. That will bring a lot of open calls and others to consolidate those places,” he predicted.

Regarding the specific process in Osakidetza and the position of the unions, Zupiria has said that the Basque government, while respecting it, does not understand the strike call. He assures that counsel is making “a permanent effort” to convene workers’ representatives, and despite unions accusing the executive of a lack of willingness to negotiate, “agreements are made at every meeting. “

Zupiria has avoided a polemic with Eneko Andueza, leader of the socialists, members of the PNV in the Executive: “We are obliged to cooperate and we are ready to do so in order to fulfill all the commitments made.” The spokesman has expressed the intention of the government groups to “make agreements” on the rest of the projects he wants to pass in the legislature, such as the Income Guarantee and Inclusion Act. “The bigger the agreement, the more guarantees it works correctly,” he said.

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Source: EITB


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