Three years after Ibiza – Gudenus: “Strache owes me an apology”


What has actually become of …? Three years after the political scandal, former party friends Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus went their separate ways.

Three years ago, the release of the Ibiza video caused a political shock. The two protagonists in the video trap featuring a ‘shoaf Russian’ as the niece of an alleged oligarch in a musty finca on Spain’s party island, FPÖ leader Strache and the blue party Grande Gudenus, have resigned. Turquoise blue was history.

The aftermath of the political earthquake continues to this day
The aftermath, including prosecutorial investigations into corruption and seized cell phone chats, which ultimately saw Chancellor Kurz fall, continues to this day. But what became of the former blue party friends who went their separate ways after the scandal?

Strache continues to ask for donations
So far things have been pretty bad for Strache, both legally and professionally. A (non-final) conviction, a new bribery charge and the outstanding expenses affair result in horrendous legal costs. The former liberal frontman continues to solicit donations on social networks.

Gudenus now works as a consultant
Very different with “Joschi” as friends call him. As a consultant, new jobs have taken him from Moscow to Beijing and most recently to an economic forum in Bosnia. For example, the drug stories (“Snow from yesterday”) have already been criminally closed, only the extensive casino law is still being investigated.

Sorry from Strache still pending
While HC traveled back to the Ibiza villa for the PULS 24 documentary “Back to the End”, Gudenus “completed it” – but still wants one thing: “He owes me an apology for bringing me and my wife loves the fall.” The former party friends recently reunited at a birthday party at the Schlosshotel Velden am Wörthersee.

Sharp criticism of EU sanctions against Russia
Of course Gudenus cannot leave politics alone in the “Krone” conversation. Because he, of all people, who once celebrated the friendship treaty with the Putin party with FPÖ leaders, makes people sit up and sharply criticize the EU sanctions against Russia. Sanctions in the energy sector mainly damage our economy. An economic frenzy of irresponsible politicians, for which, as always, the citizens have to pay.”

Addendum: “Therefore I am not a Putin understander, but a homeland understander.”

Source: Krone


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