EH Bildu reiterates his willingness to work with Urkullu for an agreement that solves the “national problem”


Nerea Kortajaarna, spokesperson for the sovereignty group in the Basque parliament, is pushing for a ‘broad’ country agreement that will give more strength to the approach that can be taken towards the Congress of Deputies.

EH Bildu’s spokesperson in the Basque Parliament, Nerea Kortajaarnahas reiterated the coalition’s willingness to work with the Lehendakari, Inigo Urkulluin the search for “a comprehensive agreement between the countries” that will allow to solve the Basque “national problem”.

Kortajaarna stated in statements to the media during the Rioja Alavesa Harvest Festival in Navaridas that the General Policy Plenary Assembly held last Friday in Parliament showed that in Basque politics ‘There are only two possible alternatives’.

One of them, as he said, goes through the “continuity” which represents the Basque government of PNV and PSE-EE, which he has accused of being committed to “lighting fires here and there and aggravating the problems we already have”. The second option consists of “do things differently”something for which, he said, EH Bildu is “prepared.”

He has also hinted at Urkullu’s proposal to resume work for the organisation reform of the status of self-government from Euskadi. In this sense, and in line with what was stated last Friday during the plenary session, the representative of EH Bildu “good will” and the decision to ‘lend a hand’ to ‘make a path along those lines’.

“The national problem, the future of Euskal Herria, must be decided here first. We need to agree on a big, broad agreement; country agreement among all social actors, with a leading role of civil society that gives us strength and positions us in a different way in the light of the demands we can make in Madrid,” said Kortajaarna.

Source: EITB


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