Numbers probably falsified – booked, hardly visited: phantom viewers at “Kurz”


According to production company Pongo Film, the film about ex-ÖVP boss and former chancellor Sebastian Kurz entitled “Kurz – The Film” attracted more than 4,000 visitors to the cinema in the first weekend. But as the weekly magazine ‘Falter’ reported on Tuesday in its ‘Vienna Newsletter’, some cinemagoers were probably ‘ghost visitors’.

Cineplexx employees reported to the weekly that tickets had been booked, but that there were empty seats. The rental company Opus-R booked the seats themselves. According to the ticket makers, hardly any guests came, reports the “Falter”. Cineplexx confirmed that special rates apply for group bookings.

What happens to the tickets is the responsibility of the buyer
From a certain number of tickets, companies, clubs, etc. can purchase tickets for their employees or members at a reduced price, a Cineplexx spokesperson explains: “The Opus-R company has also taken advantage of this.” Cineplexx processes the purchases and offers them the available theaters and films. “What happens to the purchased tickets and who uses them is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.”

Rental company Opus-R said a contingent of tickets had been purchased “as a precautionary measure” for several planned promotional campaigns and PR events. It is not known exactly which numbers the ‘butterfly’ refers to.

The director of Opus-R speaks about defamation methods
However, it is “not surprising” that the weekly magazine “Falter” makes such accusations, as it acts as a kind of “media partner” for the second short film, “Project Ballhausplatz,” criticized Opus-R director Christian Jantscha. : “Not because director Kurt Langbein had already made false accusations against Opus-R about the financing of our film and he had already made TV and cinema productions with the Falter in the past.” methods are now also used in the film industry.

Producers and distributors “very satisfied”
After the opening weekend, production company Pongo Film, citing the analysis service Comscore, reported that 4,067 visitors had seen “Kurz – The Film” in theaters. On the Saturday of the first weekend, the documentary had its busiest day with 1,656 visitors. The producers and distributor were “very satisfied”.

Source: Krone


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