Medical Association vortex – Curia chairman releases money for his lawyers


Things are still going well at the Vienna Medical Association. The famous ‘Hackln’ are flying low, so a press conference was hastily called on Tuesday afternoon, at which the vice-president of the Vienna Medical Association, Stefan Ferenci, accompanied by Curia chairman Erik Randall Huber, wants to demand the resignation of president Johannes Steinhart. But as is now known, a complaint has already been filed against Huber with the regulator MA40. He is said to have independently appointed a financial officer who released money for lawyers.

Explosive email traffic, which is available on, could cause new controversies within the medical association. While vice presidents Stefan Ferenci and Huber call on Steinhart to resign as president, Huber himself is said to have arbitrarily overruled the medical association’s rules of procedure.

Huber appointed its own financial officer
As revealed in a statement filed with MA40, Huber is said to have requested the release of funds for a parallel report to MA 40’s report on the alleged “scandal meeting”, which allegedly involved physical violence, by law. company he has chosen.

To secure the release of the 10,000 euros he demanded, Huber quickly declared that the responsible and elected speaker was biased and appointed a financial officer himself who released the money. “This approach lacks any legal or democratic legitimacy. There is also no basis in the activities of the Medical Association for Vienna,” says the filed statement, which is available on The MA40 is therefore asked to check the legality.

Steinhart “unimpressed” by calls for resignation
Meanwhile, Steinhart von Huber and Vice President Ferenci had loudly called for the resignation of Chamber President Johannes Steinhart. “That doesn’t impress me much,” Steinhart said in a press release. He emphasized that he had been democratically elected president of the Vienna and Austrian Medical Associations.

“And anyone who knows me knows that as a Democrat I will of course also stand up for democratic votes in the future,” assured Steinhart: “But a democratic vote out would be something completely different than a call for the resignation of a political competitor who believes that a certain – and in… Can exploit a completely unsuitable situation for his own purposes.”

“Finally stop prejudice”
“For months, Viennese Vice Presidents Huber and Ferenci have been waging a campaign against me to force me out of the presidency,” the president of the Medical Association said angrily. The reason for this is ‘alleged events’ surrounding the shopping platform Equip4Ordi, which are now being investigated by the Public Prosecution Service.

“Huber and Ferenci must finally drop their previous convictions and let the prosecution do its job,” Steinhart demanded: “I fully trust the investigative authority and its investigation results, I am not aware of any guilt and have never made any problematic statements. instructions.”

Source: Krone


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