Elections in Innsbruck – Tursky is now orange – will he become mayor soon?


The designated mayoral candidate of the new citizens’ alliance consisting of the ÖVP, For Innsbruck (FI) and the Senior Citizens’ Association for the Innsbruck municipal elections in April next year will wear the color orange and bear the list name “das Neue Innsbruck”. . Tursky said Friday. The 35-year-old said again that they wanted to “become the strongest force and appoint the mayor.”

As previously announced, neither the name “ÖVP” nor those of the other two alliance partners will appear on the list name on the ballot paper. According to Tursky, this should also herald the political ‘new start’ in Innsbruck: ‘We are the constructive citizen force.’ There is a need for a new ‘togetherness’ in city politics.

“Historic opportunity for a style change”
The former office manager of former governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) also presented himself at a photo shoot on Friday as the man from the outside – as can be seen from the new list name. Which has nothing to do with the urban political disputes of recent years and now promises a new beginning. “Innsbruck needs innovation. People have had enough of the chaos and stagnation of recent years. I stand for a new political style. And together we can achieve great things with this citizens’ alliance,” he said.

There is now a “historic opportunity for a real change in political style.” The ÖVP, FI and the Senior Citizens’ Association will officially launch their baby at a joint event on November 29.

Orange in politics – wasn’t there something?
When asked whether he wanted to borrow the orange list color from ex-FPÖ leader Jörg Haider, who at the time founded the BZÖ with the same color, Tursky said: “In principle I do not borrow from Jörg Haider. a “good signaling effect” and the color is “fresh and modern.”

Turbulence in the ÖVP of Innsbruck
Lately, things have gone haywire in the bourgeois camp and in the ÖVP of Innsbruck. Recently, the previous deputy mayor of the ÖVP, Johannes Anzengruber, announced that he would participate in the elections with his own list. There had previously been serious turbulence between Anzengruber and the People’s Party. The party did not want the former mountain farmer as Willi’s challenger.

According to his own statements, Tursky is not concerned about the arrival of the deputy city boss. The goal would have been to ‘walk the path together’, but Anzengruber unilaterally left this path, he briefly noted on Friday.

The elections for the chairman of the city party are approaching
This Friday there will be another important appointment for the State Secretary: Although the Innsbruck ÖVP will be included on the new list in these elections, it will not be “resolved”. Tursky is therefore running for election as chairman of the city party at a city party conference. The former city party leader, MP Christoph Appler, is no longer a candidate, making way for the new black hopeful. Turkey did not want to set a percentage target for the presidential elections. The aim is for the entire alliance to emerge stronger from the party conference.

At the end of September, the State Secretary announced that he would enter the ring in Innsbruck. And certainly to stay in the capital afterwards, regardless of the outcome of the elections. This was related to the announcement of the “reunification” between the Innsbruck ÖVP and Für Innsbruck. The civil ‘divorce’ lasted almost thirty years. Innsbruck was founded in 1994 by the later city boss and ÖVP state governor Herwig van Staa.

Now the two groups, which have been anything but friendly with each other, want to strike together and end Willis’ term after just one term.

Source: Krone


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