Shooting Rules – Isegrim gets to the wolf collar faster


On Wednesday, members of the Vorarlberg state parliament created the legal basis to be able to shoot wolves that pose a problem. More farm animals and game were killed in the summer.

“More than twenty wolves have been killed this year during the mountain season,” ÖVP MP Bernhard Feurstein complained on Wednesday during the meeting of the state parliament. The MPs were particularly concerned about the increase in the wolf population in neighboring countries. “Without sensible population control, wolves will pose a problem not only to farmers, but also to tourism,” Feurstein said.

MPs Fabienne Lackner (NEOS) and Nadine Kasper (Greens) campaigned for measures to protect the herd – there are already interesting projects in Tyrol and Switzerland. “That is not true,” argued Daniel Allgäuer (FPÖ), referring to conversations with a Swiss farmer. The measures are not only expensive, but also not very effective.

24 hour period too long for FPÖ

Ultimately, MPs largely agreed on changing the hunting law. After a 24-hour period in which the public can comment, problem wolves can be culled under a settlement in the future. Only the FPÖ thought the deadline was too long. In 24 hours the predator could be out of the forest again.

Source: Krone


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