The educational presentation ends without agreement on linguistic models


EH Bildu has made a new “minimum” proposal to the PNV and PSE-EE, as explained at the end of the meeting by coalition representative Ikoitz Arrese.

The presentation of the Basque Parliament examining the amendments to the draft Law of education closed its operations on Tuesday without agreement around the linguistic modelsand with maintaining the allegations of PNV and PSE-EE clarifying its validity, which is expected to mean that EH Bildu will be permanently dissolved.

During today’s meeting, the presentation debated the amendments of the groups supporting the Basque government regarding the validity of models A, B and D, which, with the exception of last minute changes, will be included in the presentation report stating that the future law will be based on and will be finally approved on November 27, as explained by sources of this parliamentary body.

The The national coalition has made a new offer agree on this issue. This is a “minimum proposal” to try to bring together positions that have not been accepted today and which, predictably, will not be accepted in the coming days, as socialist sources have announced that they will not accept any amendment that contradicts the validity of the models in Basque education.

According to the coalition’s representative, Ikoitz Arrese, “Things look bad, but EH Bildu is still not throwing in the towel.”

Source: EITB


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